Weekend Ride Recap

The feature image on this post is my first proper bike: my Virtue 7. Virtue is a brand of bike made in San Diego. Super comfortable; just a really great all around bike for, well, getting around.

Saturday was my first bike ride in about two weeks. We decided to ride up through Belmont Shore where we stumbled upon a very large group of riders. Mostly to avoid getting caught up in their pack and having to follow that large of a group all the way down PCH, I straight up HUSTLED up the 2nd Street bridge. Honestly, I felt like my shifting was on point and that I took off really well from the light that always, always, always catches us when we’re just about to make the climb. Having cleared the hill and the monster pack of riders, we met up with a friend in Huntington Beach and road down PCH to the Santa Ana River with our final destination being Portola Coffee. I always figured I’d be super self conscious wearing a spandex get up in a very public and popular coffee shop, but I am constantly surprised how much it doesn’t bother me. After hanging out for far too long, we made our way back with a stop at Riip Brewing (of course.)

I WISH I could give you an exact update on how much my segments have improved on Strava, but Strava chose to have a spastic moment and it’s completely messed up my distance, overall ride time, and didn’t record the segments. WTF, Strava. What. The. F.

What I can definitely say, though, is that riding my fancy pants road bike has seriously upped my general riding game. I’ve noticed just how much easier it is to ride around town on my Virtue than before I took up road cycling. I’m moving at a quicker pace. I’m not struggling as hard up hills, even considering the weight of the bike. It was a beautiful Sunday morning and I was supposed to meet up friends for brunch and instead of driving I road my bike. Even after a decent sized brunch, a boat load of mimosas, and an affogato, I felt great riding back up the hill to my neighborhood. Before, a decent sized lunch or dinner and I’d want to double over my handlebars once I’d made it up to level land.

So even though Strava did me wrong, I logged over 50 quality miles this weekend. My birthday is on Thursday and I already know my parents bought me a fancy pants Rapha jersey (my first!) And though he tried not to spoil it, I also know my significant other bought me a pair of Rapha bib shorts. Can’t wait to try out my new kit next weekend! Maybe if I’m not feeling too self conscious/embarrassed, I’ll even snap a photo for the blog. Also, the Tour de France is starting this coming weekend! Who’s excited? We have a habit of watching in the afternoons with a bottle or rose wine.


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