Strava: You’re your best motivator

Anyone else get super excited about PR? I’m still early in my “road cycling life” so I tend to see a lot of them on new rides, but damn if a PR isn’t the greatest thing to see at the end of a ride. What’s even better, though, is breaking into the top ten on a climbing segment.

Climbing is most certainly not my strongest skill. But after taking a hill and coming home, I noticed that instead of “PR” I had a little number 7 on a segment. Turns out I’m on the top ten overall women’s leader board for a climb! And that honestly lit a fire under my butt. Where I typically will try and plan a ride with the fewest climbs on the way home, I’ve been attempting that hill at least once a week.

And FINALLY I can say I’ve moved up in the standings, shaving off three seconds and scooting into fourth place. I still have six seconds to cut  before I can claim QOM, but I’m getting more and more comfortable with climbing and definitely think six seconds is an attainable goal. I’m going to set a realistic expectation that by the end of summer I’ll have that QOM!

I see a lot of hill repeats in my future…oh dear. Any tips for strengthening your climbing? Do I need to start hitting the squat rack at the gym?


3 thoughts on “Strava: You’re your best motivator

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  1. Six seconds! Get back out there (or wait for a cheeky tailwind). Don’t bother about hitting the gym to improve your cycling. The best and fastest way to get better at climbing is to do more climbing – and pushing further into the pain barrier each time! Hill reps. Seated and out of the saddle efforts. Attack those hills and any little inclines on your ride.

    That said, hitting the squat rack is never a bad thing as you’ll get stronger in everyday life. That’s always good. Just don’t expect it to transform your cycling.


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