Updates! All the updates!

First, I cannot believe I haven't updated since June. I swear I'm not dead. How would I be writing this if I was. But secondly, the reason I haven't been updating is because I had a summer's worth of excellent riding that completely distracted me from posting on the regular. I just didn't have time.... Continue Reading →


Weekend Ride Recap

The feature image on this post is my first proper bike: my Virtue 7. Virtue is a brand of bike made in San Diego. Super comfortable; just a really great all around bike for, well, getting around. Saturday was my first bike ride in about two weeks. We decided to ride up through Belmont Shore... Continue Reading →

First Organized Group Ride!

On Saturday I went on my first organized group ride with our local bicycle shop, The Bicycle Stand. They sell new and used bikes, but specialize in vintage restorations. So as you can imagine, the local rides tend to attract some spiffy steel bikes. I rolled upĀ on my Giant TCR Advanced 2 which looked super... Continue Reading →

Girl Meets Bicycle

I've had a bike that I've ridden on a regular basis for over three years. It's a sweet little Virtue 7, shiny black with a rear rack suitable for last minute runs to the store for mimosa fixings. I named her Gertrude. She's a good bike that has faithfully transported me to Belmont Shore for... Continue Reading →

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